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0000147WiiU USB Helper[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-09-17 16:47
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PlatformOSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0000147: Unable to Unpack Wii U games only
DescriptionHello to whom this may concern,

I looked at another report on here that was similar to my problem and I do have everything installed that is needed in order to unpack games correctly, but for some reason I am unable to unpack any wii u games. I can unpack anything else, but not Wii U games, is there a fix?

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2017-09-08 14:43

reporter   ~0000191

I wasn't too specific earlier sorry about that, but the problem is that the unpacking window opens and it never unpacks files it just shows a "." in the corner where normally it shows the progress.

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2017-09-12 06:36

administrator   ~0000194

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Hello and thank you for using Wii U USB Helper.
I cannot seem to be able to reproduce the issue so this might be specific to your configuration.
I can provide remote assistance with Team Viewer if you want.
Contact me at wiiu_usb_helper_inquiries(at)


2017-09-13 20:27

reporter   ~0000195

I sent an email to you regarding that, thank you!


2017-09-17 16:47

administrator   ~0000196

The Tickets site domain name was not resolved by dns.
Adding an entry to the host file fixed the issue.

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