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0000076WiiU USB Helper[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-10-20 17:56
Assigned ToKazegaya 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Summary0000076: Empty folder after unpacking
DescriptionI have download breath of the wild + dlc + v80 after i tried to unpack multiple time and in diffrent folders every time the folders would come out empty
Steps To ReproduceI have also tried it with another game , same resolt
TagsZelda Breath of the Wild
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2017-05-27 17:30

administrator   ~0000105

Hello and thank you for your report.
Did you wait until the end of the extraction?
Please note this can take quite a while.


2017-06-07 18:50

reporter   ~0000111

Hey! That has also happened to me. No, the game isnt unpacking. It shows as if unpacked, but the folder is empty. Other times, there appears the error 0xc00007b or smth.


2017-06-07 18:51

reporter   ~0000112

I have also tried in other games, and even in other computers, but no such luck...


2017-06-11 16:04

reporter   ~0000113

Same thing happened to me. All it does is create a folder for the gamein the extract folder I created but it's empty.

Downloaded Games Library.jpg (551,138 bytes)


2017-10-20 17:56

reporter   ~0000219


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