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0000089WiiU USB Helper[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-20 04:46
Assigned ToKazegaya 
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Summary0000089: Downloads do not start
DescriptionAfter successfully launching app and selecting a game and clicking "Get Game," the download queues up in download manager as if it is getting ready to start but it never starts, even left overnight. I've tried:

1. Disabling firewall
2. Disabling antivirus
3. Disabling windows firewall
4. Another computer on different network (which did work)
5. Another computer on same network (also does not download)

Trying to figure out what kind of network issue could be causing this. I'm on a personal network, running Windows 10 64bit on both machines.

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2017-06-19 05:16

administrator   ~0000122

Are you sure you have clicked "Download games"?
Clicking "Get it" only adds games to the queue but does not start the download automatically.


2017-06-19 18:54

reporter   ~0000127

That was the issue, thank you.

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